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I should all over myself.

All. The. Time.


That’s it. That is my story…

or at least that was the beginning.

The List of Shoulds

   I should:
  • stay at home to raise the kids.
  • always put the kids first.
  • always put my husband first.
  • put other people’s needs first.
  • ensure my kids are getting the best childhood development.
  • play with them all the time.
  • always have a clean house.
  • say yes.
  • be happier, more grateful.
  • be better, thinner, prettier, smarter… 

Then I got asked...
“What do you do for fun?”

That floored me. I’m a pretty fun gal, if I do say so myself. But I honestly couldn’t answer.


I mean, did sleep count?

I had no idea because I was “just a mom”.

I was just trying to survive.

Fun wasn’t on my radar.

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I didn’t feel unhappy exactly. I felt all the feels.

 I felt:

  • overwhelmed,

  • tired,

  • stressed,

  • frustrated,

  • sad,

  • guilty,

  • directionless,

  • incompetent,

  • bored  

and I felt:

  • fascinated,

  • delighted,

  • happy,

  • excited,

  • content,

  • powerful,

  • compassionate,

  • purposeful

  • and capable.

​Those conflicting emotions were telling me I needed more but I never focused on myself and didn’t have the tools.


I didn’t know how to check-in with myself because I didn't know who I was anymore.


Outside of being a mom and a wife, who was I as an individual? What did I like? What did I need?

Well, ladies, I have found the tools. I have rebuilt my mindset. I have shovelled all the "shoulds" out of my mind and developed healthy thought patterns.


First it meant prioritizing myself in at least one area – and that was personal development. It meant reconnecting with myself, questioning my thoughts, challenging my beliefs and doing the work.


Now I support and guide you in doing the work. I trained to become a certified life coach because I know what’s possible on the other side of should. It’s want. You get to live the life you want, do the things you want and experience the richness life has to offer.


You deserved to live life at a 10 on the happiness scale.

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