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You’re stressed out. 

You’re overwhelmed. 

You’ve lost yourself.

You're in the right place

As moms, we easily lose our identity in the role of mother.

Find balance. Find your Self.

As a personal development coach for parents, I help you find connection, confidence and choice. I help you become you again so you can experience the richness of life.

What would best support you?


Working with Lydia, I’ve learned a great deal about how to view my world from a healthier, more positive perspective.

Her use of visualisation techniques is fun, insightful, and, because of the visual component, easy to recall when I need to revisit things. She has also taught me how to communicate better by speaking in visual terms.

Lydia is also a great accountability partner. She is gentle about it and encourages me to start small with one or two goals/tasks instead of taking on the whole world. Most importantly Lydia reminds me to be kind to myself.

Sharleen K

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It's time to put yourself first and do this for you. 

Hey there, I'm Lydia.

I'm a life coach who supports parents who want to ditch the guilt, overwhelm and martyrdom that can come with raising humans. 

As a parent of two humans myself, I get how you can lose your identity as an individual. I understand how the stress can lead to behaviour and emotions you never would have thought possible.  

By combining my background in sociology and communications with my certified training in coaching, I have created  a unique style that takes the overwhelm out of personal development. 

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